A downloadable game for Windows

Planet Posterus is a Leap Motion VR Demo built for the Leap 3D Jam. You are a robot who has just arrived on a planet. That planet is called Planet Posterus. I chose the name Posterus because it means "futuristic" in Latin. But before you can enter the planet, you have to learn how to be a robot. That's where your hands come in. Extend your arms to walk and move them right or left to strafe. Walk into blue orbs to rotate yourself and red orbs to teleport. It's that simple. I plan on expanding the demo to more teleport locations and adding to the planet environment. Depending on the feedback I may even create a game out of it. This demo introduces a whole new way to control the movement of your body, using only your hands. No controller necessary.


Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract it.

Direct Mode - Put your Rift in Direct mode. Run the Planet Posterus_DirectToRift.exe.

Extended Mode - Put your Rift in Extended Mode, Make it primary monitor, Run Planet Posterus.exe


Planet Posterus.zip 40 MB